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Being single can be understood in a positive sense, as the key to freedom, giving you the opportunity to love and take care of yourself more, and at the same time give you a new perspective on life.

Have you ever wanted to go out but chose to stay at home because you were afraid of being laughed at when you were alone? Are you afraid to go to crowded places like cinemas or luxury restaurants because there is no one to accompany you? It is because of this feeling that many people rush to find a life partner, to have a companion to go everywhere and not feel lonely anymore. Therefore, few people know the joy of being single, the peace of mind when doing things by yourself.

Being single doesn’t mean being lonely, unworthy of love or being abandoned. Being single can be happiness, freedom, the pinnacle of self-love. Being single can become your strength, rather than a weakness. Being single, negative or positive, depends on how we see it.


Photo: Unsplash/Jasmin Chew

Let us tell you why being single is the most beautiful gift that not everyone can realize.

Being single is an opportunity to Learn to enjoy time alone

Many people who have just ended a romantic relationship rush to find new love to fill the void. They hope that the new person can replace and heal the wounds left by the old one. However, this is a very toxic way of thinking, for both you and the relationship that follows. Instead of hoping that someone else will heal your soul, why not help yourself up after falling?

Many people believe that they will find love when their other half appears. But the reality is not so. You are a whole person, not someone’s half. You are completely capable of giving yourself love without anyone giving it to you. Try to change your mind, if you don’t love yourself , how can anyone give you love.

Instead of rushing to find a new person to replace your old love, give yourself time to heal your pain, emotional wounds and learn to love yourself. During this time, whether short or long, you should start doing everyday things alone, go out on your own, find yourself new hobbies and interests that make you excited. Over time, these little joys will make you love your alone time more. Only when you really feel at peace and happy with yourself can you be ready to receive love from others.

single girl picnic in the field jasmin chew unsplash

Photo: Unsplash/Jasmin Chew

Love and take care of yourself more 

Being single is a valuable opportunity to focus on taking care of yourself , because when you’re in a relationship, your attention is already shared with your partner, right? The time that was once spent on a date with a lover can now be used to take care of yourself. Loving yourself isn’t just about your physical appearance, but about your mental and physical health as well. You can start new healthy habits to keep your body healthy like taking care of your skin, exercising, doing yoga, playing sports, and eating right. Don’t forget to develop new skills through rewarding courses and take care of your career advancement.

Become your biggest motivator

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Photo: Unsplash/Jasmin Chew

Many people misunderstand being single as lonely, with no one to listen to and support them. But besides friends and family, we can also create the strength to make ourselves stronger, stand firm without any other support.

You don’t need a word of encouragement from others, because you can be your biggest source of encouragement. Every difficulty can be overcome, every fall can be picked up thanks to your own efforts.

Being single allows you to discover hidden interests and talents 

single girl playing in the woods jasmin chew unsplash

Photo: Unsplash/Jasmin Chew

Being alone also gives you rare opportunities to discover more about yourself. Who knows, you could be a very skillful chef, cooking many delicious dishes? Being single allows you to invest more time in uncovering your mysteries, training, nurturing and developing them into new skills.

Not much burden of money and responsibilities

Many people choose to be single so that they do not have to bear a lot of money burden. Indeed, getting married is a huge decision, along with many responsibilities that make you worry. Once married, every decision big or small will affect family members. On the contrary, being single will give you freedom, less responsibilities and certainly less financial burden . That money, you can invest for personal hobbies.

Be more proactive and independent in everything

When in a relationship or married, sometimes you need help or cede responsibility to others, leading to the fact that when you have to be self-reliant, you don’t know how to handle it. When you are single, you can be more active in everything and not depend on anyone. Being single means being more independent, taking the initiative to decide everything big and small of yourself.

“Some people view singlehood as a happy destination rather than a stop on the journey to marriage”.

Being single makes you feel life is more beautiful and full of opportunities

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Photo: Unsplash/Jasmin Chew

Reading from the beginning until now, you must have changed a bit about being single. As you can see, not being in a relationship or getting married is not a bad thing. You can fully utilize being single as a freedom, an independence and a liberation. You can do whatever you want and have more love and faith in yourself. Being single can be a priceless gift, if you really want to embrace it.

When a new love comes to you, you will be able to see life with a more positive outlook. A life partner is a companion to enjoy life, not capable of filling your void, only you can do that.