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BetterHelp Australia Cost, Review & Availability

Counseling is a crucial component of mental health treatment that can assist people in coping with various issues and difficulties in their daily life.
Psychotherapy, another name for mental health counseling, is a medically-accredited method of helping people enhance their mental health.

It might be simpler and more private for individuals seeking support at an early stage to meet with a therapist online.
BetterHelp Australia is a virtual platform that assists individuals from across the globe with their mental health issues. Some people are interested in using the service but are unsure whether BetterHelp is legit or employs trained, licensed therapists.
In this article, we discuss BetterHelp’s pricing compared to traditional therapy in Australia, its service options, and why it is a suitable alternative to in-person therapy.

Opinions made are our own and are unrelated to affiliate partnerships with online therapy brands such as BetterHelp. We may receive compensation from BetterHelp, as a BetterHelp affiliate, via purchases from services shown on this website.

Effective & affordable online therapy

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Price Comparison

Australia is a country where you can typically find counseling services for about AUD 100 to 260 for an hour-long session. However, opting for therapy such as urgent sessions, specialized services, and selecting days convenient for you will be more expensive.

On the other hand, BetterHelp costs USD 60 to 90 per week, billed monthly. This includes one live therapy session. The package also allows you to message your certified mental health expert, making it the best alternative to traditional therapy.


Traditional Therapy BetterHelp
AUD 100 – 260 per session

USD 60 to 90 per week (including one session)

AUD 88 to 134

betterhelp australia

What Is BetterHelp And Is It Available In Australia?

In Australia, numerous counselors give counseling services. However, not all are certified or trained enough to do so. The process of selecting a counselor for you or a loved one may be the most challenging, but it is also the most crucial.
You must choose someone with the proper education, work experience, and skill set for the therapy you seek; this is where BetterHelp comes in. An effective approach for educating people about mental health is teletherapy.

BetterHelp allows you to connect with experienced counselors through phone or video sessions and get support for any mental health problems.

Alon Matas founded this online counseling service in 2013 because he had trouble finding a professional counselor who could fit into his schedule.

Since its commencement, individuals have used BetterHelp because it is more affordable than visiting a traditional therapist’s office. Furthermore, it also offers greater convenience.

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Why Choose BetterHelp?

Yearly, around 1 in 5 Australians between 16 and 85 will encounter a mental health issue. There are also connections between the psychological and physical well-being of an individual. People who struggle with mental health issues are more prone than the average population to get sick physically and pass away sooner.
People are shifting to online therapy like BetterHelp in the digital age for several reasons.

Individuals who cannot attend in-person counseling sessions find BetterHelp more practical. In comparison to traditional therapy in Australia, BetterHelp is also more inexpensive and available.
Both the individual and counselor can connect through live or video chat throughout BetterHelp’s virtual therapy session. While the client can confide in a trusted confidante, the counselor can offer guidance and support.

Research has shown that this kind of counseling is successful since clients see changes in their mental health after just a few sessions.
Below are the factors why BetterHelp is a better option:

Team of Professionals

BetterHelp can help you if you are looking for excellent yet reasonably priced counseling services in Australia. They offer a welcoming setting where you can work through any mental health problems to make you feel empowered and confident.
BetterHelp lets you view counselors’ names, photos, and credentials directly on the website without registering. Every BetterHelp counselor possesses a Master’s or Doctorate degree in their area of expertise.

Furthermore, the BetterHelp team of counselors includes clinicians in social work, psychologists with doctoral degrees, marriage and family counselors, and licensed counselors.

BetterHelp counselors are certified experts with knowledge in dealing with mental health problems. They will assist you in determining your issues and offer advice on how to resolve them.

The therapists are all qualified experts who have received training on coping with various personality types and mental health concerns.

On the other hand, rural residents could not access any other mental health care because there are not many mental health facilities. However, due to BetterHelp‘s virtual counseling service, people who live in rural or distant places can obtain mental health care.


You may receive top-notch mental health treatment from anywhere around the globe. BetterHelp has offered online therapy for more than ten years. They have a group of certified therapists who provide their patients with high-quality service.

An hour-long traditional counseling session in Australia costs around AUD 100 to 260.

The cost of treatment can change according to the therapist’s experience, skills, and location.

Each week, BetterHelp may cost between USD 60 and 90 per week, billed monthly. Furthermore, you can cancel your membership anytime and for any reason.

BetterHelp counseling offers a way to express your mental health issues and develop. It provides a setting for doing this, and the psychologist’s job is to use insightful talk therapy to encourage you to be open.

Many people simply do not know anyone to discuss specific topics with, which leads to repressed emotions. Additionally, problems frequently disappear after discussing them openly or handling them professionally and logically.

Some people may require counseling more than others. Everyone can gain from speaking their truth to a trained expert. When you need it most, you may seek assistance through BetterHelp therapy.

How Does It Work?

To register for BetterHelp’s service, you provide information on an online form so they can match you with a counselor. You will receive counseling at any time for a set fee.

After filling out the online form, the site will connect you with therapists matching your requirements. You can communicate with your counselor via video, messaging, phone, or live chat through their mobile app or website.

You also have the option to always ask for a different counselor if you are not happy with your current therapist. The website provides self-help advice and information on mental health-related subjects to get you started on your path to improved mental health.

Additionally, free evaluations provided by BetterHelp counseling will help you choose the right therapist for your requirements based on your region. You are free to select the therapist and therapy that is best for you.


Online counseling can help you develop psychological strength even if you believe your mental health to be in good condition.
Therapy is an effective tool for sorting through issues and obtaining answers. It might be challenging to find the proper therapy for you, but with, BetterHelp, it is simple.

With the aid of BetterHelp therapy, users may access professional therapists online. They provide a range of therapeutic modalities, such as couple’s, individual, and family therapy.

Your BetterHelp therapist could offer advice and help you with your mental health issue. In online therapy, talk therapy is an effective communication method.
Moreover, BetterHelp’s therapists will listen to and communicate with you in your chosen communication medium. The assigned BetterHelp therapist will be open to discussing your development and identifying any problems that could hinder your mental growth.

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