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How Much Does BetterHelp Cost? Pricing Per Week, Month, Session

Virtual therapy is a developing field and has gained a lot of attention from people around the world. Through online therapy services, individuals are able to speak with qualified mental health specialists either at home or at any place they prefer.

It is a fantastic substitute for conventional in-person therapy. All of the big platforms employ licensed professionals who meet the same requirements as those you would encounter when visiting a therapist’s office.

Amongst the long lists of virtual therapy, BetterHelp stands out from the competition. They enable users to communicate with therapists via messages, video calls, live chat, and phone calls.

This provides those who receive treatment through BetterHelp a great deal of freedom in deciding how to communicate with a therapist. You may also be interested in cheaper alternatives to Betterhelp.

Opinions made are our own and are unrelated to affiliate partnerships with online therapy brands such as BetterHelp. We may receive compensation from BetterHelp, as a BetterHelp affiliate, via purchases from services shown on this website.

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Price Comparison In-Person vs. BetterHelp

In-person therapy costs between $100 and $250 each session. However, keep in mind that the prices may vary according to the therapist’s location, and experience as well as your transportation expenses.

On the other hand, BetterHelp costs between $60 and $90 per week (billed monthly), and $240 and $360 per month. Availing BetterHelp’s services means that you can message your therapist anytime.

When comparing in-person therapy with BetterHelp, it is evident that BetterHelp offers a cheaper pricing plan. Another advantage of using BetterHelp is that you do not have to worry about commute expenses or about waiting days for your next appointment.

In-Person Therapy BetterHelp
$100 and $250 each session

$60 and $90 per week, billed monthly.

$240 and $360 per month

betterhelp cost

BetterHelp Pricing Overview

Years before the online world was dominated by online counseling platforms, BetterHelp was launched into the teletherapy arena in 2013 started by businessman Alon Matas.

BetterHelp counseling has evolved over the years since it initially started. It has changed greatly from a simple online therapy service to one of the biggest and most varied e-counseling platforms to date.

BetterHelp was bought by Teladoc Inc. in 2015, a company that offers telehealth medical services, expanding the customer and counselor base for the teletherapy platform. It links thousands of those in need of assistance with thousands of screened counselors.

BetterHelp can be a practical substitute for conventional treatment and may be helpful to certain people, even if it may not be a suitable match for everyone.

A 2019 study discovered that after utilizing the platform for three months, BetterHelp customers had significantly fewer severe depressive symptoms.

BetterHelp matches users with counselors based on their replies to an online survey. However, individuals can switch to a different counselor if they would like. On the other hand, weekly sessions with a counselor can be set up through messaging, live chat, phone, or video call.

How Much Does BetterHelp Cost?

No matter if you are facing mental issues or are searching for assistance, BetterHelp therapy can be helpful. However, receiving in-person mental health care may be costly, and finding a therapist that meets your insurance plans can be challenging.

This is where BetterHelp stands out. One of BetterHelp’s key advantages over in-person counseling is that virtual therapy is an economical choice that is easy to sign-up for and can you can fit the therapy into your busy schedule.

BetterHelp has one price plan which costs $60 to $90 weekly/ per session and is billed after every four weeks. Additionally, the per month cost is $240 and $360.

The best part is that BetterHelp will assign a therapist according to your requirements and you can also change the therapists if you are not happy.

On the other hand, you will stay connected with your therapist through an online connection. You have the choice of choosing a made-up name.
Furthermore, you can also choose from different communication mediums such as live chat, phone, video, or messages.

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BetterHelp Pricing Comparison

BetterHelp Pricing vs. In-Person Therapy

For the treatment of a variety of mental health conditions teletherapy has been shown in several studies to be equally beneficial to in-person sessions. Depending on your unique situation, you could discover that virtual treatment is not suitable for you.

A weekly and per session BetterHelp counseling membership might cost anything between $60 and $90 per week (billed monthly). If you are wondering how much BetterHelp costs, the upfront fee for a month ranges from $240 to $360.

However, as for in-person therapy sessions, therapists may bill between $100 and $200 for each session. However, counseling might cost more in larger cities, and therapists experience. Apart from being costly, in-person therapy takes up a lot of your time.

From trying to find a commute to taking some time off of your busy schedule, in-person therapy becomes hard to attend. Hence, platforms such as BetterHelp are always the perfect option.

In-Person Therapy BetterHelp
$100 and $250 each session

$60 and $90 per week, billed monthly

$240 and $360 per month


BetterHelp Pricing vs. Other Online Therapy Platforms

Comparatively, BetterHelp certainly bets the rest when it comes to pricing. Unlike, Brightside BetterHelp is offering you the option to message your therapist anytime. for $60 and $90 per week whereas Brightside is charging $299.

You can message your therapist anytime and one live chat, phone, or live video session are included in the weekly membership. On the other hand, when compared to Talkspace BetterHelp clearly has the upper hand and definitely stands out as the best option available for people around the world.

BetterHelp Talkspace Brightside
$60 and $90 per week, billed monthly

$65 – $95 per week

Brightside Medication Plan – $95 per month

$240 and $360 per month

$260 to $380 per month

Therapy –  $299 per month


Both Plans – $349 per month

BetterHelp Financial Aid

If the cost of BetterHelp is a concern, think about requesting financial help. For those that qualify, BetterHelp offers financial aid or a discounted weekly charge.

The payment section has a link to the application, which asks questions about jobs, military service, monthly income, your family size, and other things. You are questioned about your employment status and financial situation in the first questionnaire.

There is also an additional chance to discuss your financial status, which can lead to a bigger reduction. You can also search and click the “Apply for Financial Aid” link after entering your payment information.

A few inquiries concerning your financial situation will be made of you. Your quick reduction is based on a sincere description of your financial situation. To keep getting the cheaper rate, you must reapply every three months.

Why Choose BetterHelp?

For people searching for general mental health counseling or treatment for a recognized mental health issue, BetterHelp is effective.

Both BetterHelp’s website and the mobile app give access to are user-friendly and offer a quick method to make appointments with online therapists, and get in touch with customer care.

A qualified, competent therapist may be reached through the internet counseling portal BetterHelp for remote teletherapy sessions.

Live video, phone conversations, or chat sessions are used to perform virtual visits on your schedule and in the comfort of your home, or anyplace else you want. Apart from accessibility following are the reasons why you should choose BetterHelp:


BetterHelp’s therapist will choose the approach that will best meet your mental health requirements. Furthermore, each counselor has received specialized training in a particular area of therapy.

A therapist will be matched with you by BetterHelp depending on your unique requirements. The counselors’ areas of expertise are very diverse and include

  • Addition
  • Anger Issues
  • Career Difficulties
  • Depression
  • Fear
  • Grief
  • Intimacy-Related Issues
  • LGBTQ+ Issues
  • Problems in Relationships
  • Trauma
  • Stress Eating issues
  • Sleep Issues
  • Therapists

BetterHelp counselors must have at least three years of experience, licensed, accredited, and have a minimum of 1,000 hours of practical counseling experience.

BetterHelp professionals are required to obtain a master’s or doctoral degree in their subject and be licensed by the state’s professional board. Additionally, they also provide a list of the therapists’ credentials, license details, and experience.


You have the option to select the telehealth format that works best for you because the weekly membership fee for BetterHelp online treatment includes the option to message your therapist anytime and one live chat, phone talk, or video session each week.

Depending on your therapist’s availability, phone calls, or live video sessions with BetterHelp typically run between 30 and 50 minutes. By using a smartphone, computer, tablet, or laptop app, you may access BetterHelp.

Communication Methods

Messaging is not a real-time mode of contact with BetterHelp’s online treatment. It functions more like email. Even though it is open around the clock, your BetterHelp counselor might not reply immediately away.

When your counselor sends you a message, you will get an email. When you have a quick question or need to check in with your therapist in between live video, phone, or chat sessions, messaging is a convenient option.

The online counseling platform from BetterHelp has a live chat option that is similar to text messaging. Your BetterHelp counselor and you will be in an online therapy session where you may enter questions and replies to each other.

Even while it takes a little longer than a phone call or live video session, some people prefer that kind of communication, particularly if they find a phone or video session unpleasant.

The benefit of phone treatment is that you do not need a computer or internet connection. For others, this method’s ease is preferred. A live video appointment is the closest thing to an in-person therapy session.

You must plan a video therapy appointment with your therapist, just like you would for a chat or phone session. Through your online therapy room, a video meeting will be arranged. 

How To Sign Up For BetterHelp?

When you register with BetterHelp, you respond to inquiries from an extensive intake procedure. The BetterHelp intake consists of a series of pretty extensive questions, along with helpful direction and explanations.

You must answer numerous questions about your present requirements, as well as your physical and mental health when you initially join up for BetterHelp.


This screening questionnaire could appear intimidating at first. After completing the BetterHelp questionnaire, its algorithm pairs you with a trained counselor. You may quickly ask for a different therapist if you do not think your current one is a suitable fit.

You can say whether you have a preferred therapist after completing the initial assessment. Consider what you require to feel more at ease because these preferences are unique to you. There are no right or incorrect answers when deciding what your preferences are.

Make sure you respect that necessity because your safety is still the top concern. Additionally, you always have the option to modify your choices. If you would prefer to work with a different therapist once BetterHelp has matched you with one, you can ask for a change.

Therapist Requirements

Following your match, you will have access to a shared, message room where you may contact your counselor whenever you choose. It is ideal to arrange a video, phone, or live chat session in advance for prompt replies.

Your therapist will be able to better grasp your needs and challenges with the aid of your replies if you keep this in mind. If you are embarrassed try to be honest in your responses to each question.

Just keep in mind that competent therapists would not pass judgment on you. BetterHelp’s therapists just want to get to know you and your needs.

Therapy Objectives

BetterHelp will prompt you to choose your choices before requesting your therapy objectives. A comprehensive list of difficulties, including anxiety, anger issues, depression, issue, relationship problems, food disorders, sleeping disorders, and more, is provided on the website.

Spend some time considering each one thoroughly before ranking it as most important, fairly important, or least significant. You can tell your potential therapist more about yourself in this area.

Use as much information as you like. The more details you give, the better your therapist will be able to determine your requirements and create a suitable treatment plan.

Keep in mind that you do not need a cause to ask for assistance. Many people go to therapy because they require support, comfort, and empathy. They also want to express their sentiments to someone who would not criticize them.


You should get treatment if you are having trouble in your daily life because of your mental health issues. A skilled mental health practitioner should be consulted as soon as feasible if you are having trouble carrying out the routine.

On BetterHelp, you will find the right therapist in one go. You can also change your therapists if you are not satisfied with the one assigned to you.
Give the selection process as much time as necessary until you find the ideal fit. According to many therapists, a strong therapeutic connection is the most important aspect of treatment.

When compared to in-person treatment and online therapy platforms like Brightside, and Talkspace BetterHelp’s cost is very reasonable. BetterHelp is a great alternative for many people who want affordable and instant access to professionally licensed therapists.

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