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What To Expect From Therapy on Your First Consultation?

Gaining an understanding of what transpires in your first therapy session can help you put any fears to rest and put you in the best possible position to make the choice that feels right for you.

Many people have anxiety before beginning therapy or consultation. Do not worry, it is normal to experience trepidation before your first therapy appointment. Opening up to a stranger might be intimidating, especially if it is something you have never done before.

Anything new might be intimidating, which is why many people prefer online therapy. The first appointment serves as the first point of contact, which may seem scary, particularly if you are unfamiliar with therapy.

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Price Comparison For Your First Consultation

In the United States, access to inexpensive health care is a legitimate worry. In the U.S., a single in-person therapy session cost between $100 and $200. Costs may differ based on the type of therapy, the therapist’s credentials, and the location because there is no set industry standard.

On the other hand, depending on your choices, region, and the therapist’s availability, a BetterHelp membership runs between $60 and $90 a week, billed monthly. The membership plan comprises of video calls, audio calls, live chat, and messaging the therapist anytime.

In-Person Therapy BetterHelp
$100 to $300 $60 to $90 per week
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When Should You Do A First Consultation With A Therapist?

The idea that therapy should only be used when things are at their worst is one of the most common misunderstandings about it. The truth is rather different.

Finding the appropriate therapist may make all the difference in your mental health, whether you are beginning in-person treatment for the first time or switching to online therapy. Even when you are facing challenging emotions, the ideal therapist will make you feel at ease.

People see therapists for a variety of reasons, from complex issues to as straightforward as a desire to accomplish a certain objective. It is never too early to seek in-person treatment.

Through online therapy platforms, such as BetterHelp, you do not have to research possible therapists because BetterHelp offers professional therapists and lets you change therapists if you are not happy.

A meeting to ascertain whether the therapist would suit you is known as an initial consultation. It is an opportunity for you to get to know one another, go through your treatment choices, and determine whether you are a good fit.

Finding the right match can be challenging, but BetterHelp is here to help you feel at ease every step of the journey. Based on your choices and needs, they will match you with an experienced therapist or counselor you can trust.

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What To Expect From Therapy on Your First Consultation?

The first consultation session is a lot like meeting someone for the first time or, in the case of online therapy, it is virtually interacting with someone for the first time.
To have the best experience and eventually obtain the right therapy, you will need to answer all of your therapist’s questions honestly. However, most therapists would not always go straight into the inquiries you might find challenging.

They could acclimate you, get to know you, and assist you, in the beginning, to feel at ease conversing with them. This could inspire you to talk and gradually go to more challenging subjects.

Furthermore, when applying for therapy through BetterHelp, you are required to fill out a form with specific questions to assist the platform, and the therapist gets to know you better and understands why you are seeking treatment, depending on how the therapist’s office is set up.

Before seeing you, many therapists will review this information. Your therapist may be able to serve you better and utilize the time in the session with the aid of the information you have provided by getting to know you a bit better.

It might be a little unsettling to meet with a therapist for the first time. However, online therapy eradicates the discomfort of face-to-face therapy.
On the other hand, it is entirely up to you what topics you talk about with your therapist. Having a theme in mind typically helps you make the most of your time.

You decide how open and honest you want to be about your struggles. Additionally, just keep in mind that if you are not completely honest with the mental health expert, you might not get the desired outcomes.

You may gradually open up about difficult, suppressed, or traumatic memories and feelings. Over time, as your relationship with your therapist becomes more trusting, you will feel more at ease discussing such topics.

Benefits of Online Therapy

When you become aware of a health problem that needs medical treatment, it can be unpleasant and anxiety-inducing. Finding time in our hectic schedules and never-ending to-do lists can be challenging to visit a therapist in person.

It just takes too much time for people on a tight schedule to travel a great distance to a doctor’s office and wait in huge lines to be seen. However, through online therapy, you can receive treatment for your problems without wasting time traveling and standing in line.


Virtual treatment is frequently less expensive than in-person consultation. It can be quite beneficial for individuals to spend less time waiting and driving to the clinic.
By using BetterHelp, patient enrollment and scheduling tools are common for making plans for virtual appointments easier. With virtual care, less time is required than with in-person appointments for follow-up visits or check-in.


Unfortunately, many individuals avoid going to the doctor because they are too ashamed to talk about their condition. Nevertheless, delaying medical care for an extended period can be hazardous and harmful.

People are more likely to seek help sooner when they utilize an online consultation service since they may speak to a qualified expert from the convenience of their own home.
Online therapy allows you to enjoy speak openly about your medical problems with a doctor without feeling embarrassed. When you utilize an online doctor consultation portal, you can access professionals with experience and qualifications.

You may discover that you are frequently separated from your doctor if you frequently travel for work. You can consult your doctor even if you are away because online consultations such as BetterHelp have no geographic restrictions.


The fact that you may receive a medical consultation online without having to visit a clinic is one of its biggest benefits. Instead, you may submit your queries whenever you choose, and wait for a response. Online medical consultation may provide you with answers.
Online physicians are accessible at all hours of the day. For those who reside in distant places and must go great distances for medical care, accessing medical advice from a therapist online reduces the need to travel, which can be challenging.

Final Thoughts

Making that first therapy appointment requires a lot of fortitude. Feeling at ease with your therapist is crucial to successful therapy. The most crucial factor in treatment and the first therapy session is figuring out the best approach for you.

Find a local or virtual therapist who suits your schedule and with whom you can develop a solid rapport if you want to see them in person. Numerous licensed therapists can assist you with any mental health issues you may be experiencing.

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