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Neglecting to dreams and personal desires can make many people feel exhausted or even stressed and anxious. Therefore, focusing on yourself is not selfish, but just an orientation to help people satisfy their developed needs to balance social problems. Here are 7 ways to focus on yourself that you can apply every day.

1. Discover yourself in many ways

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Tapping into the core issues of your personal life is always an effective way to direct focus on yourself. The fact that a person does not understand themselves makes it often difficult for them to set life goals or other important values. The necessary catalyst for fostering personal growth and renewal can come from important life events such as a career change, the birth of a child, or a marriage crisis. This is the time when self-centeredness needs to promote its value to suggest new directions in human life.

2. Focus on the views that are right for you

It is undeniable that the importance of opinions from relatives or friends on life issues, but it is also important to note that these are only references before making a final decision. The thin line between whether people are actually following their wishes or unconsciously following social opinions sometimes makes their self-worth become low. Try to focus on personal desires and interests that can bring joy and inner comfort rather than following the opinion of the majority.

For example, dating and marriage is always a matter of careful consideration and should receive valuable opinions from those close to you. However, just because a single person doesn’t want to date doesn’t mean they’re lonely or incomplete. The fact that opinions encourage them to expand their relationships can even make them feel pressured or stressed. In fact, some people choose to be forever single rather than trying to pursue relationships they don’t really want.

3. Make a detailed plan for taking care of yourself

In fact, the way to focus on yourself is around the self-care methods to meet your needs. Everyone has indispensable needs for health care such as sleep, nutrition, exercise or relaxation. So, having a detailed plan for self-care can help you allocate enough time for activities that help heal your soul and recharge your life with positive energy.

A list of self-care activities might include:

Physical activities;

  • Favorite foods help reduce stress and promote a better mood;
  • Try meditation methods;
  • Write a diary or draw;
  • Read a book;
  • Try to spend about 2 hours a week getting outside and getting some fresh air.

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4. Cultivating care and compassion is a way of focusing on yourself

Caring for and helping others is not the opposite of focusing on yourself, but on the contrary, it shows compassion and strengthens relationships with family and friends. Not only that, being kind to those around you also improves your soul by promoting feelings of happiness when doing positive things.

Just don’t forget to treat yourself with kindness and compassion for others, and developing care and compassion will help you receive positive things in return from those around you. However, you should also direct your thoughts to yourself to achieve the best state before thinking about helping those around you.

5. Pursue personal interests

People who are busy or in complicated relationships tend to spend more time on these relationships than on their personal interests. Over time, the inspiration for these hobbies will fade, making them lose a tool to soothe themselves and bring inspiration in life. Therefore, eliminating personal interests can be counterproductive, not improving your quality of life, but also causing yourself to become stressed, lacking space and time to recharge with positive energy. Especially when just ending a relationship, many people find it difficult to cope with loneliness and a familiar lifestyle for a long time. However, you can use this as an opportunity to explore new interests or rekindle old passions to help you focus more on yourself.

6. Get rid of comparative prejudice

Situations that compare themselves to the other person’s happy moments are not uncommon in reality, even though they don’t really know how they find satisfaction in life. Comparison is actually not bad and can play a role in motivating people to strive and develop to achieve higher goals. However, there is no guarantee that what other people hold will make you as happy as they are. So stop comparing yourself with others to remove distractions from the things that really matter to you.


7. Ask yourself about your values

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Self-doubt is inevitable at some point in life, especially when people are in a predicament or just coming out of a long-term relationship. Taking time to reflect on their inherent qualities and values ​​will help people focus more on becoming the person they want to be. After determining your own values, incorporating them into real life will help life run more smoothly and meaningfully.

In short, spending a lot of time building relationships is not a wrong thing to do, but on the contrary also brings positive effects in social relationships such as love, closeness and companionship. Humans satisfy the need to be developed to re-balance with social problems.