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Reiki – a method of healing using energy through the hands – brings many positive effects to people’s health and spirit.

Currently, there are many healing methods that work on the belief that there is a source of life energy in the human body. When a person shows signs of fatigue, the body is not healthy, it means that the internal energy source has been exhausted. One of the simplest treatments, used to release negative emotions, to help the body heal in the most natural way is the Reiki method.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an energy therapy method developed in Japan in the 19th century by master Mikao Usui. In Japanese, the term “reiki” means spiritual energy, which is the life energy of the universe made up of two elements “rei” – the universe – and “ki” – life energy. This method works to relieve stress, fatigue, help the human body relax and self-soothe in the most natural way. Some experts suggest that Reiki is as effective as acupuncture.

How does Reiki work?

In Eastern medicine, it is believed that every living being exists and develops through an invisible energy source flowing within the body. When this energy source is depleted, people will easily experience health and psychological problems. Reiki treatment helps the body absorb the infinite energy of the universe, thereby restoring physical, emotional and spiritual balance.

how the reiki method works

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The special feature of the Reiki method is that you can be treated remotely by Reiki masters. During the session, you should wear loose, comfortable clothes and remove electronic devices and jewelry on your body. First, experts will talk to you to understand the psychological and health problems you are facing. You will then be given the choice of sitting on a chair or lying down. The therapist will place their hands on the areas to be treated to transfer energy from them to your body.

Therapy sessions usually last from 15 minutes to 1 hour and must be held in a comfortable space, with meditation music played depending on the therapist. During the treatment, you will not feel any pressure or discomfort, but will gradually fall into a state of relaxation, and you can even feel the energy moving inside your body.

Benefits of the Reiki method

1. Relieve stress, and fatigue

Besides the pressures from work and daily life, news from the epidemic situation makes us easily fall into a state of stress and anxiety. Using the Reiki method allows you to connect with your inner self, thereby releasing negative thoughts, bringing a sense of peace and relaxation every day. Furthermore, many studies also show that this method works to improve sleep quality and some symptoms of depression.

reiki helps relieve stress

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2. Balance the energy source inside the body

Negative energy causes energy pathways to become blocked, preventing positive energy from reaching important parts of the body. Therefore, you will easily feel sadness, anger, pain, and mood swings. Regular Reiki treatment helps break down negative energies, thereby stabilizing the flow of energy within, helping to balance the mind, body and spirit. Reiki not only helps you improve your mood, enhance memory and concentration to work effectively, but also brings an optimistic, happy, and full of life version of you.

reiki balances the energy inside the body

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3. Clear the mood

Reiki reminds us that we must live in the present moment. The positive energy transmitted to the mind will help us focus on what is happening in the present instead of thinking about the mistakes of the past or worrying about the future. This helps you learn to accept the reality of life and boosting the positive response to any changes in the society.

reiki helps to relieve the mood

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4. Increased self-healing

When the energy inside the body is balanced and gradually returns to its natural state, your heart rate, breathing rate and blood pressure will also improve. This will help your body have the ability to heal itself from within, thereby improving mental health, and healing and enhancing our mood, leading to a positive lifestyle.

reiki increases self-healing