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BetterHelp South Africa Cost, Review & Availability

In South Africa, receiving mental healthcare is challenging. According to a new assessment, South Africa is one of the poorest countries in the world in terms of mental health.

Online counseling has grown in popularity in South Africa, particularly among people who are unable to receive proper mental health therapy.

BetterHelp has grown to become the most popular online treatment company in recent years. It is a website that links people with qualified, board-certified therapists and counselors.

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Individuals who want to avail their services can access their online therapist through phone calls, video sessions, live chat, and you can message your therapist anytime for a reasonably priced subscription fee.

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Opinions made are our own and are unrelated to affiliate partnerships with online therapy brands such as BetterHelp. We may receive compensation from BetterHelp, as a BetterHelp affiliate, via purchases from services shown on this website.

Price Comparison In-Person vs. Online Therapy In South Africa

South Africa has the 24th most costly mental healthcare of the 50 nations studied. Individual psychological consultations cost between R1000 and R1145 for 60 to 70-minute appointments.
The therapy costs will be doubled because of the transportation costs and the amount of time you have to waste for commute and waiting at the therapist’s office.

In comparison, BetterHelp costs $60 to $90 a week which makes it about R1032 to R1548. The payment is deducted after every four weeks. You do not have to waste money on fuel or take an off from your work.


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Traditional Therapy BetterHelp
R997.10 and R1 145.30

 $60 to $90

R1032.55 to R1548.83

betterhelp south africa

Is BetterHelp Effective from South Africa?

BetterHelp is the world’s largest online counseling and therapy platform. It offers people easy and reasonably priced access to certified therapists.

Moreover, BetterHelp offers expert therapy available at any time, from any location, through your mobile phone, tablet, or computer, tablet.

BetterHelp’s team includes counselors and therapists in the US and the UK that specialize in a variety of mental health issues such as addictions, anger issues, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, LGBT issues, stress, relationships, parenting, trauma, insomnia, self-esteem, and more.

In addition to individual treatment, the BetterHelp webpage has couples and teen counseling choices. When you pick one of these services, you will be sent to a sister site, for youths and for couples therapy.

Pricing is comparable to BetterHelp, and all therapists meet the same high standards and undergo the same rigorous screening process.

BetterHelp also offers a different website called Pride Therapy, which is dedicated to LGBTQIA counseling. Its services are exactly as inexpensive and organized as the parent company.
However, the Pride Counseling therapists specialize in offering to counsel members of the LGBTQIA community. 

Keep in mind that as BetterHelp and its sister websites are based in the US, with most therapists from different US states, there can be a significant time difference between you and your therapist. However, you can work with your therapist to find a time that works for both of you.

How Does it Work?

You must establish an account by answering a questionnaire to access BetterHelp’s online counseling services. Then, BetterHelp matches you with the most appropriate professional counselors based on your entered information.
You specify in the questionnaire which BetterHelp therapists you prefer. You can select from the options such as their age, gender, language, and religion are all included.

For the platform to connect you with a specialist who can handle your particular problems, you must specify the mental health disorders you require assistance with.

Your membership period will not begin until you have finished the registration process and selected the ideal therapist. You may email BetterHelp and ask them to restart the matching process if you don’t feel comfortable with your therapist and decide to switch at any moment.

Instead of requesting your full name and address, BetterHelp lets you establish an internal user name.

In accordance with the rules set forth by their licensing board, your therapist may request particular information from you. 

Are BetterHelp’s Therapists Legit?

Through BetterHelp, customers have access to thousands of trained and competent therapists. BetterHelp is thought to be a larger setup with numerous therapists.

The platform has strict approval standards for therapists to assure high-quality and successful online therapy for its customers. BetterHelp requires therapists to be licensed by a State Board (in the US), such as CSW, LMFT, LPC, PsyD, or other comparable credentials.

Furthermore, they should also have at least three years of experience in adult, adolescent, or child therapy. BetterHelp also needs therapists to take a test and go through a thorough interview process.
Communication is a critical component of treatment. BetterHelp offers several communication channels. Text messaging, live chat, live phone, and live video sessions allow therapists to communicate with their patients.

BetterHelp clients can communicate with their therapists via their protected online accounts. You may also use their app to speak with your therapist without having to log in to the website.

Therapists and patients can use the web-based platform or the BetterHelp mobile app to access the numerous communication modalities. BetterHelp provides therapists with a web-based platform for seeing patient communications, replying to patients, and keeping notes.

Therapists may also download the mobile app, which has all of the website’s functions. It is simple to use and avoids the costs involved with running a solo practice.
On the other hand, if you have a favorite therapist or believe they are a good fit for your situation, you can submit an alternate therapist request identifying the therapist of your choice.

How Much Does it Cost?

BetterHelp, compared to other online counseling websites or applications, is usually less expensive than in-person therapy. If you are concerned about your ability to pay for therapy, you may be eligible for a discounted fee or financial aid.
Furthermore, financial help might reduce your weekly payment. However, it is essential to understand how BetterHelp provides these alternatives in advance.
Applying for financial aid allows you to secure a lower weekly rate for a set period of time. The current charges for therapy which BetterHelp charges are $60 to $90, which makes it R1032.55 to R1548.83 weekly (billed monthly).

Keep in mind that financial help expires after 90 days, so you will have to reapply after three months of therapy. The amount of assistance is determined by your circumstances, which are detailed in a separate questionnaire.

BetterHelp will then ask you if you want to examine your eligibility for financial help. You will be asked about your household income, job status, number of dependents, and whether you reside in a rural or non-rural location as you progress.

Apart from financial help, BetterHelp saves you the cost of fuel or transportation and saves your time. They make therapy easily accessible and affordable. You do not have to worry at all and do not have to think twice before seeking therapy.


The growth of mental health awareness has resulted in more individuals looking for dependable, effective, and easily accessible mental health help and therapy.
BetterHelp leads in the virtual therapy industry.

They offer the simplicity and convenience of booking a therapy session online and speaking with a therapist from the comfort of one’s own home.

The individual availing of the therapy can receive financial aid and also attend therapy under a made-up name for security. Moreover, it is a significant plus point for consumers, many of whom seek therapy for the first time.

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