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BetterHelp Philippines Cost, Review & Availability

It is common to think of mental health problems as taboo. However, it is a fact that everyone must face. Do not be hesitant to ask for help if you are currently experiencing any mental health problems.

Traditional in-person therapy can cost you some money, but keep in mind that your health is at risk. Once you have spoken to someone or at least had your worries acknowledged by a specialist, you will undoubtedly feel better.

With online platforms such as BetterHelp Philippines, you can avail online therapy without feeling uncomfortable. To get started fill out their questionnaire here.

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Furthermore, they offer financial assistance to those who cannot afford therapy.

You no longer have to wait till you have enough savings if you do not have the budget for mental health care. BetterHelp Philippines has your back.

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Try Calmerry.

Calmerry only costs PHP 2,700 per week, billed monthly (BetterHelp is PHP 3382 – PHP 5073) and it has an almost identical offering compared to BetterHelp.

Talk to a therapist within 24 hours by filling out the questionnaire at Calmerry. – With BetterHelp it can take days.

Opinions made are our own and are unrelated to affiliate partnerships with online therapy brands such as BetterHelp. We may receive compensation from BetterHelp, as a BetterHelp affiliate, via purchases from services shown on this website.

Price Comparison Therapy In The Philippines 

In the Philippines, the cost of psychotherapy and other mental health services is high. A session of psychotherapy costs PHP 2,000 to PHP 7,800. However, the actual cost could change depending on the doctor’s professional fee, and individual sessions may cost more per visit. Too expensive? Then read our post about Betterhelp alternatives.

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Compared to traditional in-person therapy sessions, BetterHelp’s online counseling service offers messaging with their licensed professional counselors.
You also have the option to select the medium of communication you are comfortable with, such as calls, videos, or messages.

Treatment through BetterHelp costs between $60 and $90 (PHP 3382 – PHP 5073) per week, depending on your region, preferences, and the availability of therapists. The amount is billed every four weeks. You can also change your therapist at any time and for any reason.

Traditional Therapy BetterHelp
PHP 2,000 – PHP 7,800

USD 60 to 90 per week (including one session)

(PHP 3382 – PHP 5073)

betterhelp phillipines

Why Choose BetterHelp Philippines?

With high rates of psychological discomfort, Filipinos worldwide often avoid seeking formal mental health help and have a negative attitude toward it. Additionally, they prefer to ask their close friends and relatives for assistance.

The biggest online counseling platform in the world, BetterHelp, gives adults, teenagers, families, and couples direct access to qualified mental health treatments. Following are the reasons to choose BetterHelp:


If you decide you need treatment, you can be sure that the therapist BetterHelp suggests has the certifications, expertise, and training, required to handle your issues.

The BetterHelp therapists have the same degrees and levels of experience as traditional therapists, and the company asks them to confirm their credentials before joining the platform.

Keep in mind that BetterHelp’s counselors are independent contractors, not staff members. Therapists are not permitted to provide a formal diagnosis by BetterHelp.
Additionally, medication prescription is also not provided by the therapist or counselor who is not a medical practitioner.

BetterHelp’s online counseling services are more accessible since you may message your therapist at any time.

One of the reasons individuals avoid counseling is a hectic schedule. It is convenient to have access to your therapist at all hours as you do not need to schedule an appointment during business hours.

You may choose a convenient time and thoroughly consider your queries before entering them into the conversation. Since individuals may not find it comfortable getting help from a therapist, they can also contact the therapist using a made-up name.

Moreover, having the option to communicate with your counselor whenever you want also has therapeutic benefits. Typing a message to your therapist might be beneficial if you lie awake at night worried about problems in your life or battling a mental health problem.

You might feel more at ease dealing with your mental health problems when you know that someone is listening to you.
A tip for you is to let your counselor know your expectations when you begin treatment and find out how frequently they respond to messages.

Most BetterHelp therapists may not have any issues replying more regularly if the user requests it.

Customer Support

It is hardly surprising that getting help for mental health issues in the Philippines appears like a far-off possibility.

Physical obstacles are no joke, and shame conditioning from our culture is deeply ingrained in us. But guilt can be thinned down by learning new things and gaining new experiences.

Additionally, BetterHelp’s website connects you with the best therapist for your particular needs and personality. You may switch therapists using BetterHelp, which is one of its most important benefits over other online counseling platforms.

There is no restriction on the number of times you may change therapists, and you are free to do so whenever you like.
Send a message to BetterHelp support to start the matching process all over again in order to locate a new therapist.

You are under no obligation to inform the therapist that you wish to locate another.

Communication Options

Online counseling has the advantage of not tying you down to a certain location or time. You may receive counseling using your smartphone, tablet, or computer with BetterHelp.

These gadgets work with all of the communication channels that BetterHelp offers, such as live chat sessions, voice calls, video chat sessions, and messaging. You can get online treatment from any place thanks to the flexibility of connecting through various devices.

Additionally, the scheduling feature keeps you from forgetting or skipping phone or video conference sessions. When you get a signal that your booked session is about to begin, you can leave and use your device to answer your call.

When you get treatment remotely, you can speak with your therapist in the comfort of your own home. You do not have to get ready, travel, or wait for your turn in the therapist’s lobby.


Since we cannot see mental issues like anxiety, stress, depression, anger issue, and others, it is simple to dismiss them. However, it is important to realize that mental illness is a genuine condition and does not go away easily.

Therapy sessions in the Philippines might cost anywhere from PHP 2,000 and PHP 7,800 for each session. Depending on the circumstances, a patient may come in once or twice a month.

BetterHelp might cost between $60 and $90 per week, which makes it PHP 3382 to PHP 5073. The membership comes with messages, phone calls, video calls, and live chat.

On the other hand, those who cannot afford therapy can opt for financial assistance. Because of this cheaper cost, BetterHelp is a great option for many people who struggle to pay for treatment, especially when treatment is expensive in the Philippines.

Many individuals will learn they are eligible for this reduced charge discount simply by filling out the questionnaire. You are suitable for help in specific topic areas of the questionnaire, such as if you have low income, are a veteran, a student, or are disabled.

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The price of mental health in the Philippines can strain your finances and affect how you interact with others around you. There are additional methods to lower your expenditures for mental healthcare, even if the Mental Health Act can benefit many Filipinos.

Finding a new therapist with BetterHelp is an affordable, quick, and simple procedure, saving you time from attempting to work with a therapist who is not a good fit.
BetterHelp has a variety of certified professional counselors. Accessing BetterHelp’s mental health virtual treatments is efficient and practical.

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