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Being single doesn’t always bring about negative feelings of solitude. Join us to find out 9 benefits for women who are enjoying a happy single life.

Nowadays, everywhere I go, I hear people talking about empty girls, especially those of the same age as me, women in their 30s!. Society thinks that it is difficult for women over 30 to get married, because we are old, and belong to the segment of “difficult, difficult to please, ignorant girls”… We heard it was a bit frustrating but also happy. Because they and the people around them get married since their twenties, their children have taken care of them, so women who are still single and unmarried like us become “unusual”! I think they are the ones with the “problem”, because their thinking and knowledge can’t seem to keep up with the new status and perspectives of modern and advanced women from all over the world. .

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Being single has many benefits, which are:

1. Being single is being free to do what you want

You can go anywhere, do whatever you like, come home late from work, spend the night with your friend FA, be free to make your own decisions without having to depend on anyone. Even when dating, if you’re interested in a relationship with someone, you can date just for fun without being forced by anyone. These relationships will develop into love later, who knows?

2. First kisses never end

When you’re single, the chances of you having your first kiss with someone are always very high. You have time to choose the perfect lover with sweet and emotional first kisses. Once you have chosen the man for yourself, the first kisses will be gone because you are only allowed to kiss one man in your life.

3. Spend more lavishly for the need to enjoy life

When you are single, you have the right to use money more comfortably for the needs of enjoying life such as shopping, luxury dining, traveling abroad… Because when you get married, what do you spend for themselves must also calculate so as not to affect the future of the family and children. When you have a family, all spending decisions must be discussed.

4. Have a lot of private space and be allowed to live indiscriminately

When you’re living alone, every space in your closet is yours, you don’t have to share it with anyone. You can hang or fold your clothes when you put them in the closet, wake up without having to fold the blankets right away, cook food without having to immediately wash the dishes, clothes can be accumulated once a week to be washed, when you see home. If you are dirty, sweep or wipe once, you don’t have to do it every day… However, when you have a family, everything in the house needs to be taken care of, especially when you have small children and you always want to set an example for them. child.

5. Life doesn’t have many “responsibility” things

When you come home from work tired, you don’t have to pick up your children from daycare, go home to cook, clean the house, you don’t have to fulfill the responsibilities of parents with their children. However, less responsibility does not mean a loose life, a woman still has to take responsibility for what she does and always learns to be a reliable person.

6. Have time to focus on career and other goals

Being single means you have more time for yourself and your career. You will use this single time to focus on achieving your career goals, personal ambitions, meeting your own needs and interests such as backpacking around the world. As long as you always strive and don’t lose yourself, you will succeed. You will be more mature and will find yourself an ideal life for your journey after the age of 30.

7. Rich travel experience & more adventurous

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If you want to explore a new land, it’s best to go it alone. When traveling with a group of friends or with a lover, the travel experience will be reduced because of the distraction and concern for the companion. Traveling alone gives you a richer travel experience. You can even move freely, live in different cities around the world.

8. Meet more people

Singles are usually more outgoing and sociable, so they can meet more people and expand their friendships with more interesting experiences. For those who are married, going out, socializing and meeting new groups of friends will be limited because time does not allow. Married people will have to prioritize family time and raising children.

9. Avoid many crises and regrets

Perhaps you have been advised by your elders to wait patiently and to get married and have children by the age of 30. Maybe when you hear them say that, you wonder why. But actually what the adults say is absolutely right because