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Sensitive people are often seen as more reactive than others. However, they are one of the special individuals possessing the following 8 characteristics.

As an extremely sensitive person, you are sometimes seen as “overdoing it” or viewed negatively. However, in reality, that sensitivity is a gift that helps you to possess unique and valuable skills.

1. Empathy ability

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Sensitivity helps you empathize deeply with people, being able to understand what they’re going through and how they think. Even if you don’t say a word to each other, you can still read the other’s emotions. Even those feelings “touch” you so much that you can’t separate them from your own mood. The ability to empathize makes it easy to connect with people, grasp issues extremely well, and be quick to behave.

2. You are a thoughtful person

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Also thanks to the ability to understand, super sensitive people always know what the other person needs and wants and treat them with kindness. You are also the type of person who pays attention to detail and is always subtle in every situation. Therefore, people always feel safe and comfortable around you.

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3. You are an open person

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Sensitive people always find new aspects in life and are never limited in their way of thinking. You observe and view the world through a wide-open lens with exceptional thinking. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that you can remove your limitations and unleash your unlimited potential.

4. You have great intuition

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It can be said that sensitive souls are always extremely acutely aware of the world around them. Their inner voice and meticulous observation help them clearly feel the movement of people and things outside.

5. Creative Imagination

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People born with innate acumen often have a very rich and creative imagination. Your interior is always colorful with different shades. That imagination helps you do well in the field of art such as painters, composers, writers… Besides, when you argue, you can also envision all scenarios of the problem in advance to bring to the best of your ability. come up with the most appropriate solution.

6. Are you a good listener?

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You always listen to other people’s stories sincerely and put yourself in their stories. You know how to show your care and understanding to your partner so they don’t feel alone.

7. Crazy love

With a fervent heart, you encapsulate all your love and give it to everyone. You always give all the attention and best things in the world to the person you love. When you are in love, you always love intensely and are loyal to that relationship.

Even if the other person is a stranger, you are still ready to help without hesitation. Empathy and compassion are the driving forces behind action.

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8. Elite leader

Surely, no one wants to work under a boss who can’t understand the hard work of others, only knows how to assign work and put pressure on targets. At that time, we just worked like a machine and gradually, the work drained our spirit and exhausted our energy.

Therefore, as leaders, sensitive people know how to reconcile all individuals in the team. You know when to be the one to inspire, to encourage members and when to play the role of a strict boss who is both firm and soft so that everyone can work effectively. Not only that, you are willing to listen and understand the difficulties and aspirations of people. You join them in taking on new challenges to make the impossible possible.

Leading the team with respect, empathy, and kindness makes sensitive people admirable leaders.

As an extremely sensitive person, you can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the emotions of others and your own. There will be times when you get tired and feel that sensitivity is a curse. However, keep in mind that being born with these delicate emotions is not something everyone has or takes a long time to cultivate. If you know how to use them correctly, they will become your special advantage!