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Feelings of discomfort often arise when we ourselves are making unwanted changes.

In the process of growing up, there will be times when you feel dissatisfied with some small changes in yourself. Although this feeling is not pleasant, it also shows that you are changing in a positive direction.

Here are the 14 feelings that show you are changing for the better:

1. You feel like you’re going back to childhood troubles

Recently, you have noticed that the problems you experienced as a child are present in your life now. That doesn’t mean you haven’t stepped out of the past, but it shows that you’re gradually understanding your own feelings and thoughts, from which to find an appropriate solution.

14 feelings showing you are changing for the better

Photo: Unsplash/ Hu Jiarui

2. You feel disoriented

Feeling lost or uncertain indicates that you are gradually getting rid of unrealistic thoughts or plans and focusing more on life in the present. Focusing on what you are doing now will help you improve yourself every day, even if you don’t realize it.

Feeling lost

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3. You have trouble remembering and organizing things

Don’t worry too much because this shows that your right hemisphere is active, making you feel that the function of the left hemisphere is blurred. At this time, you will become more intuitive, emotional and creative.

4. You can’t keep ignoring negative emotions

If you find yourself getting angry for no reason or feeling sad all the time, it means it’s time to learn to control and deal with negative emotions instead of constantly avoiding them.

the feeling that you are changing

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5. An incident that affects your life

Life is full of surprises that we can’t predict. Maybe you are having trouble at work, in social relationships or having trouble in love. Do not be too sad or worried, because when you get through this period, you will find yourself with more valuable experiences and lessons.

the feeling that you gradually change

Photo: Unsplash/ Hao Nhien

6. You want to be alone

You are no longer excited about weekend fun and are tired of the problems of everyone around you. This does not mean that you are gradually withdrawing from society, you just need some quiet time to readjust your personal life.

7. Do you often dream?

Dreams are your subconscious way of communicating with you or mirroring your actual experiences. If you always remember every detail in your dreams, they may be trying to tell you something or show you recent changes in yourself.

Feelings that you are changing

Photo: Unsplash/ Mathilde Langevin

8. You are uncomfortable around negative people

This is a good sign because being around negative people only makes your mood worse. Reducing the number of friends, only contacting people who bring positive energy to your life will help you stay optimistic and happy.

9. You feel your dreams are falling apart

You used to have big dreams but with your current ability, you cannot achieve what you once wanted. This shows that you are gradually becoming more realistic with your abilities instead of daydreaming about far-fetched things.

10. You realize that the worst enemy is your own thoughts

As you become aware that your thoughts influence your decisions and life experiences, you will begin to learn how to control negative thoughts. In the long run, your quality of life will also improve when you always have a positive outlook on everything around you.

the feeling that you understand yourself

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11. You’re not sure about who you really are

If you are experiencing this feeling, it means that you are gradually growing and changing in a better direction. You may feel confused about what you are going through, but at least you are living your true self, not dreaming of becoming an ideal model like before.

uncertain feeling about the real person

Photo: Pexels/Monica Turlui

12. You find yourself far from your goal

Although this can make you feel depressed, frustrated because you haven’t achieved what you want, but cheer up because at least you have found your goal. Although the road to success is still difficult, as long as you determine what you want to aim for, you will surely find a way to conquer them.

13. You know things you don’t want to know

You feel that your relationship cannot last or that you may not be able to continue with your current job. While these feelings make you feel uncomfortable, they also help prepare you to face things you don’t want.

14. You are the only person responsible for your life

You gradually realize that your life is happy or not, work and social relationships are smooth or not depends on how you behave and choose. Taking responsibility for all your decisions and actions will not only help you improve yourself every day, but you will also be free to be yourself.

the feeling that you are gradually changing

Photo: Unsplash/ Maria Lysenko